winter memories

K. Latuconsina
3 min readDec 5, 2023

Oh, the ache of yearning for the tender embrace of winter, that enchanting season that cradles the world in its icy arms. The longing is a melody that plays softly in the heart, a whisper that summons memories of serene beauty and heartfelt connection. The ethereal allure of snow-kissed landscapes, the way each flake drapes itself upon the earth like a delicate lace, creates a tapestry of wonder that calls to the soul.

Frost-covered trees, like ethereal sentinels, stand adorned in their shimmering jewels, their branches glistening like the stuff of dreams. It’s a sight that captures the imagination, a symphony of light and texture that paints a portrait of nature’s artistry. The world becomes a wonderland, bathed in a soft, silvery light that seems to emanate from the very fabric of the universe.

The invigorating chill in the air, like a secret whispered by the cosmos, sends shivers racing down the spine. Goosebumps rise as a testament to the way the cold can electrify the senses, awakening us to the immediacy of the present moment. It’s a sensation that tethers us to the here and now, a reminder that life is meant to be experienced in all its sensory richness.

In the midst of this longing, there’s a wish for her — for her presence to be by your side. To walk along the crunchy silver-white snow, hand in hand, is to traverse a path illuminated by the warmth of companionship. Her presence becomes a radiant light that cuts through the winter’s chill, filling the spaces between your intertwined fingers with a kind of magic only shared connections can conjure.

Each time she speaks, her voice becomes an angelic melody, a soothing balm that soothes the soul. Her words, like delicate snowflakes, descend upon your heart, each one a reminder of the shared laughter, whispered confidences, and promises exchanged. In her words, the greatest memories of life are painted with hues of joy, leaving an indelible mark upon the canvas of your shared existence.

As you walk side by side, the memories are like companions, walking with you in the spaces between your steps. The soft crunch of the snow beneath your feet mirrors the echo of your heartbeats, a rhythm that’s attuned to the bond you share. In the midst of winter’s splendor, you find warmth not just from your layers of clothing but from the presence of the one who walks beside you.

Your longing for the embrace of winter, the desire for her by your side, is a testament to the profound nature of human connection. It’s a yearning for shared moments that transcend the ordinary, for memories that become a tapestry woven from laughter, whispers, and the profound beauty of snowy landscapes. And even as the seasons change, know that the essence of those moments remains, like a hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered once more.