walk away from them

K. Latuconsina
2 min readNov 19, 2023

Many individuals tend to believe that the act of walking away is intended to prompt someone else to change. They think that if they take a drastic step, it will compel the other person to awaken and recognize their own mistakes. However, the act of walking away should primarily serve as a means of reclaiming oneself.

Walking away is about freeing yourself from constraints. It’s a way to prioritize your own needs and demonstrate that you understand your value. It signifies that you’re no longer willing to endure unnecessary hardship or continually miss out on having your needs fulfilled.

Certainly, it’s not an easy decision. Many of us weren’t taught to prioritize ourselves and our needs. Instead, we often find ourselves sacrificing for others and pretending to be someone we’re not, all in the hopes of gaining recognition and validation.

Believing that your departure will forcibly bring about change in others perpetuates the same cycle. Instead, shift your focus inward, towards yourself, and away from the behaviors of others. You cannot compel anyone to change. Walking away is ultimately an act of self-care.

This perspective shift is vital. It’s time to respect your own needs, to make a deliberate choice to validate your self-worth, and to cease chasing after love in places where it was never meant to be found. In the end, walking away is a step towards honoring yourself and creating a healthier path forward.