wake of an ending

K. Latuconsina
2 min readNov 8, 2023

In the wake of an ending, the mind becomes a tempest, swirling with thoughts of all that’s been lost — the love shared, the person who once intertwined their life with yours, the very identity and foundation upon which you stood. In moments of turmoil, you might declare to yourself and to the world that your heart will never love again.

Yet, amidst this chaos, a profound truth emerges: one ending does not etch your identity in stone, nor does it eternally chart the course of your existence. Within you resides the potential to grow, to mend, and to metamorphose. It is these very elements — growth, healing, and evolution — that breathe vitality into the love you have the capacity to foster.

True, the love you extend to current partners may not mirror the love you once gave another — but this difference is not a deficiency. Rather, it is a testament to the exquisite tapestry of your growth. The person you are today, shaped by experiences and forged through time, is distinct from the person who once loved. And this transformation is what lends depth and beauty to the love you cultivate now.

Embrace this truth: the prism through which you perceive your circumstances shapes your trajectory. A mindset rooted in possibility and renewal paves the way toward new horizons. In this canvas of new love and budding relationships, there lies great potential for beauty and fulfillment, particularly when informed by the lessons gleaned from past connections.

An ending, though seemingly conclusive, is but a door — a door that swings open to reveal fresh beginnings, to usher in experiences richer and more transformative than those that came before. It’s a chance to sculpt a narrative of growth, an opportunity to script a love story that harmonizes with your present self.

So, as you navigate the ebb and flow of life’s chapters, remember that endings are not conclusive, but transformative. They are the dawn of new journeys, an invitation to forge connections that resonate with the current cadence of your being. Embrace the past, honor the lessons, and embark upon the path of new beginnings — for it is through these cycles of growth that love, in all its forms, evolves and flourishes anew.