true self : stop chasing the approval of others

2 min readNov 11, 2023


Concealing your true self can feel like a suffocating weight, trapping the very essence of who you are. Those “flaws,” quirks, and imperfections that are woven into your being often remain hidden, out of fear that revealing them will lead to rejection, mockery, or disdain.

These fears might stem from your past, carried over from childhood. Perhaps you’ve internalized the idea that you must always present a flawless façade to earn acceptance, love, and comfort. Yet, this path often leads to sacrificing your genuine self, only to gain transient connections built on inauthenticity.

Even when you manage to obtain fleeting validation and attention, it rings hollow. Like a brief gust of wind across a barren landscape, it offers no lasting sustenance, instead leading you down a path of self-doubt.

Chasing the approval of others loses its meaning if you can’t find acceptance from God and within yourself. The pursuit of societal standards becomes wearisome as your own happiness dims.

It’s time to unveil your true self — with all your imperfections, quirks, and shortcomings. You deserve to be cherished for your entirety, for everything that makes you unique. There’s no logic in hiding your authentic self, as that’s where your true brilliance resides.