The restless beach

K. Latuconsina
2 min readDec 4, 2023

The restless beach, a realm of eternal motion, echoes the restlessness of my heart when I’m away from her. Its gentle waves, like tender fingers, trace the contours of the shore beneath the moon’s soft glow. Through the parting clouds, the moon peers down as a silent witness, casting an ethereal radiance upon the sands. It’s as if the very night sky conspires to recreate her presence, illuminating the canvas of my thoughts with a light that mirrors her soothing aura.

In the tranquil embrace of this beach, I find solace in the mirrored ambiance, an ambiance that seems to beckon her to my side. The way the waves sigh and retreat, as if in rhythm with the cadence of my longing, speaks to the unspoken yearning that courses through my veins. It’s a yearning for her — her laughter, her voice, her touch — a yearning that the restless waves seem to echo back to me.

And the stars above, like distant sentinels of the universe, twinkle with a warmth akin to the fire she ignites within me. Each twinkle is a cosmic reflection of the spark that alights in my soul when thoughts of her grace my consciousness. In the tapestry of the night, I find a kindred connection between her and the celestial bodies that adorn the heavens.

The ocean’s rhythmic song, carried by the wind’s embrace, whispers secrets that seem to have been shared only between us. It’s as if the waves themselves carry the echoes of our conversations, the laughter that has graced our moments, and the sweet nothings that have passed between our lips. The sound becomes a reminder that even when separated by distance, our connection remains unbroken, flowing like an invisible current beneath the surface.

With each step upon the sand, I feel the earth beneath my feet resonate with the memory of her touch. The sand, soft and yielding, is a silent witness to the emotions that have found their home within my heart. The grains echo the comfort of her presence, a presence that’s felt even in her absence.

In the union of the restless beach and my restless heart, there’s a shared longing, a mutual yearning that transcends the physical distance. The moon, the stars, the waves, and the sand all become accomplices in this symphony of emotions, weaving a tapestry of connection that defies the limits of space and time. As I gaze upon this scene, I’m reminded that her spirit is never truly far, for it resides within the very elements that compose this serene landscape — a landscape that whispers her name and carries the essence of her touch.