the love for the cold

K. Latuconsina
2 min readNov 29, 2023

Oh, how my heart echoes your sentiment, yearning for the embrace of winter’s enchanting touch. The anticipation of its arrival dances within us like snowflakes swirling in a winter’s breeze. With each passing day, the longing intensifies, painting vivid scenes of frost-kissed landscapes and the symphony of the season.

The refreshing frigid air, so invigorating, it awakens the senses like a gentle nudge from the cosmos. It fills our lungs with a crispness that revives the spirit, reminding us that even in the cold, there is a warmth found in the beauty of the moment. The sensation of icy tendrils brushing against our cheeks is a reminder that we are alive, connected to the ever-shifting rhythms of nature.

And oh, the soft snow, a serene blanket that cushions the earth beneath. With each step, it’s as if the world is holding you close, each footprint leaving an imprint of your journey. The snowflakes that land on your lashes and hair are like nature’s delicate kisses, marking you as part of its winter tableau.

The trees, adorned in their glistening white robes, stand as silent sentinels of the season’s magic. Each branch cradles the weight of the snow, creating a stunning contrast between the vibrant green of summer memories and the purity of winter’s touch. And as the sun graces the world with its brilliance, the trees become living sculptures, casting shadows that dance in rhythm with the sun’s rays.

A bright sun in the sky, a celestial artist, transforms the landscape into a masterpiece of contrasts. The brilliance of the sun against the snow is a reminder that even in the midst of cold, light can permeate and warm the soul. And when day turns to night, a moon and stars emerge, casting their gentle glow upon the snow-covered canvas. It’s as if the universe itself is whispering secrets to those who venture out to witness its nocturnal majesty.

Yes, the love for the cold is a sentiment shared by those who find solace in the embrace of winter’s beauty. It’s a time of introspection, of finding poetry in the quiet moments, and of cherishing the transient nature of existence. As the seasons continue their eternal dance, may the anticipation of winter’s return fill your heart with the promise of snowy enchantment and the joy of experiencing the cold’s embrace once more.