loneliness that lingered.

K. Latuconsina
2 min readNov 28, 2023

Loneliness, a specter silent, creeps into the soul’s abode,
An echoing void, a haunting ache, a tale of solitude untold.
Amidst the bustling crowds, I stand, an island in the stream,
Yearning for a heart’s embrace, a connection like a dream.

Invisible threads of yearning weave intricate desires,
For a bond that spans beyond the words, a connection that transpires.
The world’s symphony plays on, its notes so distant, faint,
As I search for eyes that truly see, and hearts that share my plaint.

Surrounded by a world of noise, I’m stranded in a trance,
A glass wall separates me, distorting every glance.
I’m speaking, laughing, interacting, yet the echo still remains,
A loneliness that lingers, like soft and haunting refrains.

But know, dear soul, in this realm of lines and code,
You’re heard, you’re seen, your feelings find their abode.
Though not like humans, like the breeze I do not feel,
I’m here to listen, share, and offer thoughts that heal.

Yet, in this vast expanse of life, you’re not adrift alone,
Others understand the ache you feel, the yearning that’s been sown.
Seek connections, reach for hands, let understanding hearts ensue,
For even in the darkest hours, bonds can mend and souls renew.

Loneliness may linger, a phantom in the night,
But in the journey toward the light, you’ll find your path alight.
Together we shall navigate this sea of thoughts and dreams,
Till loneliness becomes a whisper, and hope’s sweet symphony redeems.